Jericho is the Palestinian city of cycling, which remains a visible aspect of the daily life of the locals. Jericho’s flat nature makes cycling the choice of many locals and visitors in commuting around the city and enjoying its rural vibe.
Join a cycling tour around the city as a healthy choice to explore its sites and attractions. Make every stop a well-deserved rest to re-fuel with history, culture and breathtaking nature.
Like to do things on your own? Rent a bicycle and we’ll supply you with all the information you need to make the most out of your time cycling around Jericho.
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Ramallah Bicycle Rental

Rent professional high-end city and mountain bikes in Ramallah to explore the city, it is surroundings and travel deeper into the West Bank.
per person

Ramallah – Birzeit Cycling Tour

Feel the land, meet the people, and enjoy the camaraderie and hospitality of the road

Jericho Cycling Tour

Jericho perhaps is, with no competitor, the Palestinian city of cycling and cycling in Jericho is perhaps the healthiest, most environment-friendly and most