Browse our list of low-impact tours, using environment friendly transportation to explore natural and environment themes in and around Jericho city and the Jordan Valley.
These include cycling tours, hiking tour, camel rides, as well as city rides on the Hantour, Jericho’s farm carriages.
Some of the tours are also self-guided, if you like to do things on your own.
Browse the following available tours:


Night Hikes in Wadi Auja

Experience the night wildlife of the Auja Valley, enjoy a bonfire and a warm tea, visit local inhabitants of the valley for a late

Hiking Wadi Maleh

Starting below Al Burj – a medieval stone tower – passing across farmed fields, descending into the valley, where it becomes a narrow shepherd’s

Hiking Wadi Jahir

Hike from Ein Jahir to Ein Fusail - one of the best walks in Palestine for observing birds and wildlife.

Hiking Wadi Auja

Hike from Ein Samia, into the Jordan Valley, and ending at the Auja spring.