Jericho: Donkey Trail across Wadi Qelt

Ride your donkey betwen Jericho's farm, to visit Herod's Palace and cross Wadi Qelt
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Jericho: Donkey trail to the Ancient Monastery

Ride your donkey along the aqueducts in Jericho, following the ancient trail up to the Mount of Temptation
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Art Walk Beit Sahour

Discover the studios, showrooms and workshops of local Palestinian artists in the old city of Beit Sahour

Jericho Tour – All in One Day

See the most of what Jericho and sorroundings have to offer in one day.
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Nablus Tour

Visit Nablus, one of Palestine’s largest and friendliest cities, and birthplace of Knafeh.
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Hebron Reality Tour

Get up close and personal with the daily reality of living in Hebron

Jericho Photography Tour

Join a local photographer to make the most out of your camera and grow you travel photography collection. Go deep into the neighborhoods,
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Jericho Bicycle Rental

Jericho's flat nature made it easy for bicycles to become so popular in the city among both visitors and the local community. Until
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Jericho Cycling Tour

Jericho perhaps is, with no competitor, the Palestinian city of cycling and cycling in Jericho is perhaps the healthiest, most environment-friendly and most

Book a Hantour to explore Jericho

Hantourism uses local farmers’ horse-drawn farm carriages as means of transportation for operating Jericho guided city-tours, creating additional income to local farmer families
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