Donkey Rides in Sebastia & Jericho

Ride your donkey along the Old Ottoman Hijaz Railway trail, to explore Palestine’s marvelous nature. Join in preparing a typical Palestinian picnic breakfast outdoors and get to know the ancient roman ruins & the amazing people of Sebastia.

Follow Jericho’s ancient aqueducts up to the Mount of Temptation, to Hisham’s Palace or across Wadi Qelt. Stop at an organic farm or a bedouin tent to learn more about life in rural Jericho.

About Donkey Tours | Palestine

Donkey Tours | Palestine is a new community-based ecotourism initiative of a group of Palestinian students from the village of Sebastia. With a special appreciation for donkeys, the members have teamed up many of the village’s donkeys to become the visitors’ reliable travel companions for the duration of their visit to Sebastia, and an awesome way to explore the area’s nature and historical sites.

Meet the donkeys

Coming from different homes & backgrounds, each of our donkeys is special in her own way. Meet our team of donkeys, learn their names and how they are particular and different from one another.

Meet the Donkeypreneurs!

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