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5 Senses of Nazareth – Culinary Experience

A tasting journey in the Old City of Nazareth

Bethlehem Culinary Tour & Cooking Class

Explore a hundreds-year-old market and discover new flavors in Bethlehem

Birzeit Walking Tour

Discover the magic behind Palestine’s student village

Experience Taybeh

Explore the home village of Palestinian beer

Flavors of Jerusalem Culinary Tour

A tasting journey in the Old City of Jerusalem

Jericho Food Trail | Culinary Tour

follow the food production cycle in its whole, from farms to markets and finally to creative kitchens

Nablus Culinary Tour & Cooking Class

Discover and learn local Palestinian cuisine in the heart of Nablus

Ramallah Walking Tour

Understand the history within the broader refugee context.

Wine Tasting & Winery Tour

Tasting Palestinian wine at Taybeh Winery