Art Walk Beit Sahour

Discover the studios, showrooms and workshops of local Palestinian artists in the old city of Beit Sahour

Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound Tour

Gain an insider perspective on faith, history, tradition, culture, architecture, art and community in arguably one of the holiest places on earth. Discover
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Battir Village Tour

Experience the cultural treasures of Battir Village, Palestine, a living testament to resilience and heritage. Explore the captivating landscapes that led to its

The Nativity Trail (26 OCT – 06 NOV 2023)

The Nativity Trail is an eleven-day walking journey of approximately 160 km from Nazareth, the City of the Annunciation to Bethlehem, the City

Nazareth Insider Walking Tour

Join a local Nazarene guide to gain an authentic insider view of daily in Nazareth from the perspective of its native citizens

Birzeit Walking Tour

Discover the magic behind Palestine's student village
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Hiking Galilee: The Qarn Valley

Explore one of the most beautiful landscapes in the upper Galilee mountains. This tour combines the fascinating history of the Crusaders with breathtaking
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In Season

Olive Harvest (19-27 OCT 2019)

Olive Harvest Program - 19-27 OCT 2019 Full-program including participation in the seasonal olive harvest, city tours and geopolitical reality tours to remote