Walk through the aromas and the stories of the people of Nazareth, 8 – 10 culinary stops where we get introduced to different flavors, meet the people behind the dish, and hear the family history, changing the unfamiliar to familiar creating a fresh new look to the city of Nazareth and appreciate the variety of local offerings that is native to the region.

Like the Lebanese Cuisine, the cuisine from the Galilee region is very rich, healthy and easy to cook. Join a local culinary expert for a guided tour, of Nazareth, with exclusive mouth-watering flavors and aromas the stories of families, food and tradition.  Join a cooking class to learning new skills to take with you back home, creativity in minimalism. 

Join a weekly* culinary tour and cooking workshop
Minimum participants: 3
– 5 Senses Culinary Tour of Nazareth: 150 ILS per person
– Cooking workshop – 150 ILS person
– Culinary Tour & Cooking workshop: 250 ILS  per person

Additional information

ActivityLearning, Tasting, Walking Tours
Tour TypeCity Tours, Culinary Tours, Cultural Tours
Minimum Participants3