Experience the cultural treasures of Battir Village, Palestine, a living testament to resilience and heritage. Explore the captivating landscapes that led to its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, while learning about its rich history. Discover the village’s unwavering spirit and deep connection to the land, as you uncover the secrets of its ancient terraces and immerse yourself in the local traditions on a short tour that celebrates the unique cultural heritage of Battir.

Major stops include:

  • Ancient Terraces
  • Battir Train Station
  • Roman Pools
  • Battir’s Olive Groves
  • Maqam Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahoum
  • The Byzantine Church

Additional information

Departure fromDeparting from Bethlehem, Departing from Battir
GuidingGuided Tour
ActivitySightseeing, Walking Tours
Tour TypeCultural Tours, Day Trips, Guided Tours
Minimum participants3