Why settle for a souvenir when you can learn the tricks of the trade? We begin at the Old City Open Air Market (souq) amidst the spice sacks and fresh fruit stalls, learning about the diverse ingredients critical to Palestinian cooking. After enjoying the sights, sounds, scents (and flavors!) of the souq, we return to our home kitchen (a charming 10-15 minute walk through the Old City’s cobblestone streets) and prepare an unforgettable Palestinian meal.

Shop & Cook

Qandeel Culinary experience arose from a deep desire for visitors to know the human side of Palestine. Aside from the ancient stones of its holy sites, and the churches erected in honor of the divine, Bethlehem also preserves an incredible spirit of fellowship that is best experienced around the sufra—the home-cooked meal prepared with love for family and friends. Qandeel made it their vocation to welcome travelers into their home, and to offer them an experience unlike any other—the opportunity to learn about the scents, textures, and flavors of Palestine in the best way possible…by doing!

Immerse yourself in Bethlehem as a living city by taking a culinary journey that includes shopping in a hundreds-year-old souq, learning about local ingredients and spices, collectively preparing a traditional dish, and most importantly, sharing a meal as a community. The goal is for each of the visitors to walk away having lingered in the true heart of Palestine…its people and cuisine.

Duration: 4 HOURS
Minimum Participants:
Starting time: Flexible
Starting point: Manger Square/Star Street


Please inform us in advance of any allergies or dietary preferences 

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Minimum Participants3
ActivityCooking, Learning, Tasting, Walking Tours
Tour TypeCity Tours, Culinary Tours, Educational Tours

Those are some of the local meals to chose from for the cooking class depending on availability of seasonal ingredients.


Which means upside down. It’s an authentic dish that is made from rice, cauliflower, chicken. And it’s named MAKLOUBEH because the cooking pot is flipped upside down before serving the meal.


Mansaf is a dish of rice, lamb, and a dry yoghurt made into a sauce called jameed. It’s not only one of the the most beloved Jordanian foods, but it’s also considered the national dish of Jordan.

Warak Enab

Stuffed grape leaves are a very popular dish all around the world. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a Greek version, a Turkish version, Russian one and many middle-eastern versions as well. I grew up eating Lebanese stuffed grape leaves quite often, especially the meat version which is the one I am making today. There is a delicious vegan version that I will save for another day.


Sumac chicken caramelized onion flatbread (Musakhan) is a slightly adapted version of the popular Mediterranean recipe made with roasted chicken thighs, full of flavorful spices and healthy. Makes a great homemade appetizer or pizza style!

Musakhan – Middle East Monitor

From Jerusalem: Take bus 231 from the bus station in front of Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem on Sultan Suleiman Street directly to Bab el-Zqaq in Bethlehem, about 1 Km from Manger Square (8 shekels | 40 mins).

From RamallahTake the collective taxi (orange 7-seater van called Servees) from the Main Station in Ramallah on Al-Nahda Street directly to Bethlehem’s Central Bus Station just under Manger Square & The Nativity Church (25 shekels | 45 mins). 

From JerichoTake the collective taxi (orange 7-seater van called Servees) from the Jericho city center’s Main Square [opposite of Tourist Information Center] directly to Bethlehem Central Bus Station on Manger Square street (25 shekels | 60 mins). 

From Nablus: Take the collective taxi (orange 7-seater van called Servees) from Nablus Central Bus Station on Rafidiya Street to the Ramallah Central Bus Station on al Nahda Street. Next, see “From Ramallah” (45 shekels | 2.5 hours).

From Hebron: Take the collective taxi (orange 7-seater van called Servees) from the Hebron Central Bus Station in Wadi Al Tufah Street directly to the Bethlehem Central Bus Station on Manger Square Street or to the Bab El-Zqaq intersection in Bethlehem (10 shekels | 40 mins).