Our immersive master class is a must-do experience for traveling musicians who want to delve into the fascinating world of Middle Eastern music. Led by local professional artists, you will learn about the traditional techniques and styles of Arabic, Turkish, or Mediterranean music and explore their unique characteristics in comparison to western schools.

In addition, you will gain insights into the evolution of the Palestinian music tradition and its interplay with neighboring traditions, as well as discover the inspiring stories of Palestinian musicians who have achieved international recognition and success through their innovative works. From the legendary oud player and composer, Simon Shaheen, to the contemporary electronic music producer, Sama’ Abdulhadi, you will discover how Palestinian musicians have pushed the boundaries of traditional music and made their mark on the global music scene, and how music remains a powerful tool for Palestinians and their cause in crossing borders.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of musical discovery!

Covered topics include:
– Quarter tones
– Maqams (scales)
– Rythems
– Musical forms (Samai, Longa..)
– Taksim (improvisation)
– Middle Eastern music genres
– Palestinian popular music

Additional information

Tour TypeArt Tour, Cultural Tours
IncludedLight Drink, Instruments