Ride the donkeys along the ancient aqueducts of Jericho, through the farms all the way to visit Hisham’s Palace and then stop at a model Organic Farm, used by local farming cooperatives as a lab for experimenting with various methods of organic farming and permaculture.

Donkey Tours | Palestine is a new community-based ecotourism initiative of a group of Palestinian students from the village of Sebastia. With a special appreciation for donkeys, the members have teamed up many of the village’s donkeys to become the visitors’ reliable travel companions for the duration of their visit to Sebastia and Jericho, and an awesome way to explore the area’s nature and historical sites.


If you book this tour for less than the required minimum number of participants, your booking will be pending for other interested participants on the same date. Alternatively, you may upgrade your order to the minimum number of participants to ensure the availability and confirm the tour.

Additional information

DestinationsJericho & The Jordan Valley, Jericho City
GuidingGuided Tour
MealIncluded, Not Included
Tour TypeAdventure Tours, Eco-Tours
Minimum Participants2
ActivityDonkey Riding, Sightseeing

Ride your donkey along the aqueducts in Jericho, through the farms all the way to visit Hisham’s Palace and then stop at a model Organic Farm.

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Starting / return point: Auberg-Inn Guesthouse, Dyuk, Jericho