Due to its nature as a fertile agricultural landscape, Jericho is perhaps one of a few destinations in Palestine where the supply chain of food production can be observed in its whole. Following the water from generous eternal springs running through ancient open-air aqueduct routes, the Jericho Culinary Tour exposes important elements of the food production cycle from farms and farmers, bakers and merchants and finally cooks in the kitchen. At every stop, we will taste and shop for fresh seasonal ingredients directly from the source while explaining the advantages and challenges that the local community has operating in Jericho. Once the basket is complete, we will head back to the kitchen to learn how to make the most out of the very same ingredients we just collected, and then finally enjoy the results in a healthy well-deserved Palestinian meal.

Program includes:

  • Auberg-Inn Guesthouse/local farm
  • Um Thaer’s organic farm
  • Amoro – the 1st Palestinian mushroom farm
  • Arab Development Society’s dairy farm
  • Local dates farm
  • Local bakery
  • Al-Hisbeh – fruits and vegetables central market
  • Jericho Food Project (YWCA)
  • Local Farmers’ Cooperative
  • Cooking workshop with fresh seasonal ingredients from the tour
  • Meal


  • Transport
  • Guiding
  • Meal

Tours details:

  • Starting Point: Auberg-Inn Guesthouse
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
  • Starting time: 11:00am

Auberg-Inn  guesthouse in Jericho is set on a typical local countryside home and farm, offering community-based tourism services to travelers from around the world. Auberg-Inn will be hosting the culinary program with Izzeldin Abdul Aziz Bukhari, Chef and creator of Sacred Cuisine. Born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem, Izzeldin integrates his ancestral history with his passion for food in order to provide meaningful, spiritual, and cultural food experiences around Palestine. Bukharis arrived in Palestine in 1616 from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, to establish a Sufi center, which still exists to this day in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The family spread the teachings of Sufism for over 300 years, and these teachings remain incredibly important to Izzeldin. In Sufism, it is considered the highest form of worship to feed someone. Izzeldin aims to create a culinary experience that embraces his Sufi Palestinian roots, his love of community, and his passion for cooking. Through Sacred Cuisine, Izzeldin fuses Middle Eastern cooking and spices with modern and innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Additional information

ActivityCooking, Learning, Tasting
Tour TypeCity Tours, Culinary Tours, Eco-Tours
DestinationsJericho City


Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
April 1, 2019

Eine wirklich sehr interessante Tour! Im hostel eigenem Garten wurde uns zuerst das antike Bewaesserungs System und die besonderheiten der lokale Landwirtschaft erklaert. Danach ging es per Pferde Kutsche weiter und wir Besichtigten eine Oekofarm, Felder der lokale Bauern, einen Gemuesemarkt und viele weitere spannende Orte in und um Jericho herum. Ueberall sammelten wir Zutaten und Abends wurde gemeinsam mit den drei Gastkoechen ein wunderbares, vegetarischen menue gezaubert. Am Interresantesten waren dabei die Orte, die eigentlich nicht so leicht zu besuchen sind, oder einem gar nicht auffallen wuerden, wie die erste palaestinensische pilzfarm oder eine christliche Lehr Backstube. Ich kann diese Tour wirklich nur empfehlen, einen besseren Einblick in die lokale Landwirtschaft kann man kaum bekommen!

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