Browse our list of low-impact tours, using environment friendly transportation to explore natural and environment themes in and around Jericho city and the Jordan Valley.
These include cycling tours, hiking tour, camel rides, as well as city rides on the Hantour, Jericho’s farm carriages.
Some of the tours are also self-guided, if you like to do things on your own.
Browse the following available tours:


Bethlehem e-Bike Tour

an alternative and eco-friendly way to explore Bethlehem and beyond

The Nativity Trail (19-30 Mar 2020)

The Nativity Trail is an eleven-day walking journey of approximately 160 km from Nazareth, the City of the Annunciation to Bethlehem, the City
In Season

Tree Planting Program (1-9 FEB 2020)

Tree Planting Program - 1-9 FEB 2020 Full-program including participation in the tree planting with local farmers, city tours and geopolitical reality tours
per person